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Groupies is a platform for influencers and musicians who want to build intimate relationships with true fans.

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Import fans in one click from Gmail or your iPhone.

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Send your fans purchase links at scale for upcoming performances, records, etc.

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Know which fans are clicking on your content with advanced link tracking.

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Up-and-coming artists should be investing in their sound, not technology.
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Per Month
  • 50 100 free texts /month
  • Sync with SoundCloud
  • 1,000 bonus texts
  • Email Support



Per Month
  • 5,000 text messages
  • Autoresponder
  • Advanced analytics
  • Phone Support



Per Month
  • 30,000 text messages
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom implementation
  • 24x7 Support


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Q.What is Groupies?

Groupies is a tool that lets you send mass text messages to your fans. You can share upcoming performance, new song downloads, and more. Each text message is sent 1 at a time, increasing your chances of engagement. Research shows that mobile messaging commands a 99% open rate, vs email's 15% industry average.

Q.How does it work?

If you try Groupies, the first thing you'll do is import contacts. After creating a text, it will be sent from a new number that's tied to your account. You can then view and respond to fan text messages, directly from your dashboard.

Q.Is this platform right for me?

If you have at least 20 of your fan's phone numbers, try uploading them and sending a message. Your dashboard will showcase clicks and listens, which should help determine whether to continue using the service.

Q.Ownership and IP

All your content is yours. Groupies simply helps you distibute it. There are no contracts and no obligations to use Groupies.